Internet Gold’s principal holding is its approximately 64.78% interest in B Communictions Ltd. (Nasdaq and TASE: BCOM), a subsidiary through which IGLD holds the controlling interest in Bezeq (TASE:BZEQ)

Bezeq is Israel’s incumbent telecommunications provider with a leadership position in its fixed-line, mobile voice, broadband, international long distance and multichannel pay TV markets.


Bezeq’s telecommunications operations are carried out via five main subsidiaries:

Subsidiary Services Ownership 2015 Revenues Contribution to Bezeq’s Consolidated Revenues
Fixed Line
Fixed line telephony, broadband infrastructure, data and transmissionBezeq also holds the leading Israeli portal Walla (*. 100% NIS 4.4B 44%
Pelephone Mobile Telephony & Data 100% NIS 2.9B 29%
Bezeq International ILD, ISP, Enterprise Solutions, Voice-Over-Broadband (VOB) 100%  NIS 1.6B 16%
Yes Pay TV (DTH) 100% NIS 1.8B 18%