Internet Gold’s principal holding is its approximately 79.94% interest in B Communictions Ltd. (Nasdaq and TASE: BCOM), a subsidiary through which IGLD holds the controlling interest in Bezeq (TASE:BZEQ)

Bezeq is Israel’s incumbent telecommunications provider with a leadership position in its fixed-line, mobile voice, broadband, international long distance and multichannel pay TV markets.


Bezeq’s telecommunications operations are carried out via five main subsidiaries:

Subsidiary Services Ownership 2012 Revenues Contribution to Bezeq
Fixed Line
Fixed line telephony, broadband infrastructure, data and transmissionBezeq also holds the leading Israeli portal Walla (*. 100% NIS 4.6B 43.15%
Pelephone Mobile Telephony & Data 100% NIS 4.5B 41.64%
Bezeq International ILD, ISP, Enterprise Solutions, Voice-Over-Broadband (VOB) 100% NIS 1.3B 12.49%
Yes Pay TV (DTH) 49.8% NIS 1.6B  
Bezeq On Line Call center services 100% NIS 292M 2.72%

*On March 14, 2012, Bezeq published a tender offer for the purchase of all the shares held by the public in Walla!. The tender offer, which was contingent upon its acceptance by the majority necessary to enable the purchase of all the Walla! shares held by the public and turning the company into a private company, was successful. Therefore Bezeq holds 100% of walla’s outstanding shares.